some pictures I took for Pioggia Mare.
Models: Raquel Domingo & Melitza Larrazabal

Y que el mar nos de vida.

the third and the last set I did for 2puntos: "Y que el mar nos de vida."
Model: Elba Rodriguez.

que la tierra guarde su esencia.

 this is the second part of the photos I took for 2puntos: "que la tierra guarde su esencia"

Model: Elba Rodriguez.

que el cielo forme parte

This is the first part of the photos I took for 2puntos: "que el cielo forme parte".

Model: Elba Rodriguez.

I've been really busy lately, that's why I haven't update my blog, but I'll be posting some shoots I took last month very soon
This was from my last shoot with my dear Raquel Domingo.
"it was so clear in my mind."

This time I had the pleasure to photograph my dear friend Melitza Larrazabal, thanks again to everybody who helped me in this shoot.
Make up: Desire Silva.

"don't worry, you said. I'll be here."

Models: Stefania & Isabella Angelini
Thanks to everybody who helped me with this shoot.!

"I believe everything is just an illusion"

shoot I did long time ago with Valeria.

 "The euphoria you experience when you are first falling in love."

Shoot I did long time ago, with my friend Stephanie Kording.

Model: Raquel Domingo
Assistant: Paola Soto

p.d.: this was my first B/W film developed!

Assistant: Ma. Betsabé Rincón. 
Mode: Barbara Vera.

Sesión hecha en colaboración con 2pts. 
Gracias a Caterina por todo.