I've been so busy lately with school and stuff. These months have been kinda weird if I can tell, Im okay and Im happy also I got a new tattoo! (the three knots in my left arm, if you can notice them) and this picture was a week after I got it. My mind has been working a lot and I feel really inspired, so new things will come.

al cruzar la calle...

This is my really talented friend Linda, who has a solo project called "Al cruzar la calle..." and you can check her work here:
and her facebook page.

This time I took pictures with my dear girl Osyeiny, back in March. It was such a good time to have her back in town and that was a lovely day. Thanks to Dayana and Valentina who helped me with this shoot

These are the last photos I did with Raquel and Patricia, I have to say that I love how this turned out and how much I love these girls.

Finally! These are the picture I took with Raquel and Patricia back in January. 
I just love how this turned out, and I decided to uploaded now.

I'll be posting some other shoot I did with them soon!.
I've been so busy and out of this.
I said that I will upload this more frenquently, so this is a pic from a shoot I did with Raquel and Patricia. I handpainted this picture by myself, more to come.

This is from a shoot I did back in January with Patricia and Raquel, I'll be uploading the rest soon.

"It's not easy to talk about sadness, but it's something that we like to talk about.

And it's not even easy to stop thinking about those (sad) moments that keep in us for a long time..."

This is something I did recently (February), but I didnt decide to post it until now. I'll be posting (hopefully) more things that I've been doing in the past months. 

These are some pictures I did for 2pts in February.
It was really good to work once again with this brand and now I'm looking for new inspiration and stuff. 
So there will be good things coming soon.

More stills from the video I did, hopefully I'll uploaded soon.
 Today I developed some film, these photos are from a trip I took with a friend on August.

I missed being in the lab the whole day.